Homeowners often think that HVAC system upgrades involve home automation; however, there are several other HVAC upgrades that can improve indoor air quality and overall comfort. Keep reading to learn about other types of upgrades you can use in your Cave Springs, Arkansas, home to improve indoor comfort.

Air Purifier

One device that can greatly improve the comfort of your home, especially if you or your family members suffer from respiratory or other health issues, is an air purifier. While your HVAC system’s air filter does a good job of collecting larger air pollutants like dust, air purifiers target those smaller particles and are designed to remove up to 99.98 percent of air pollutants. Air purifiers improve indoor air quality and can help maintain a healthy, comfortable home.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Sometimes the weather outside doesn’t permit you to open the windows and let in fresh air, especially during the colder winter months. However, you can improve your indoor air quality without opening windows by installing an energy recovery ventilator in your HVAC system. This device is designed to bring in fresh outdoor air and then filter and blow it throughout your home. It also helps save energy by transferring energy from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air. This HVAC upgrade will improve your air quality and make your home feel fresh and comfortable.

Zoning System

You can further improve the comfort of your home by installing a zoning system. This system allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms or zones and save energy by not heating or cooling unoccupied parts of your home. Zoning also improves comfort by allowing you to customize the temperature throughout your home based on your particular needs and preferences.

Improve your indoor air quality and overall indoor comfort by installing one of these upgrades in your HVAC system. For a consultation or installation, call George’s Refrigeration & Heating at (479) 636-1470. We can help you choose the right upgrade for your system and help you stay comfortable year-round.

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