Bathroom ventilation is important for maintaining the indoor air quality in your Rogers, Arkansas, home. Ventilation in your bathroom can prevent the buildup of moisture. Here are three reasons you need bathroom ventilation in your home:

1. Poor Temperature Control

Humidity can have a negative impact on your temperature control. Moist air feels warmer than humidity balanced air. For example, when you take a hot shower, the humidity doesn’t just stay in your bathroom. Without running the ventilator in your bathroom, the moist air can spread throughout the rest of your house. As the overall humidity level in your home increases, it can affect your home’s comfort and make it seem like the temperature is higher than it is.

2. Mildew

Humid environments are the perfect breeding ground for mildew spores. Ventilation helps move the moisture away and replace it with clean, humidity-controlled air.

Common places that mildew loves to grow are bathroom towels, washcloths and mats. These items tend to be the perfect environments for mildew as they regularly get wet, plus all the extra humidity from steam. Running your ventilator while you shower and for a few minutes after can help reduce mildew.

3. Home Damage

Moisture can cause structural damage as well. Humidity can bubble paint, soften wood, and cause lamination separation. While this won’t happen immediately, over time the moisture can cause some serious damage. If left long enough, the humidity can seep into the plaster itself and create permanent damage.

Ventilation helps to mitigate a lot of this damage, especially if you use it regularly. Ventilators remove the humidity and replace it with dry air, helping to reduce the chances of damage.

If you’re concerned about moisture levels in your home or are interested in a ventilation system, George’s Refrigeration & Heating can help! Call us at (479) 636-1470 to set up a consultation today.

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