A leak in your HVAC ducts can lead to losing up to 30% of conditioned air, according to Energy Star. Your HVAC system in Cave Springs, AR, is also less efficient when the ducts clog and obstruct the airflow in your home. You can enhance the airflow by replacing or cleaning a dirty air filter and vents and allowing our technician to fix leaks.

1. Unblocking and Cleaning the AC Vents

The dust and debris floating in your HVAC system end up in the AC vents. The dust can either pass through the vents and stick on the surfaces, or a sideways gust can blow the air into the vents. Continued dust buildup blocks the airflow coming from the vents.

Substances such as lint balls and pieces of paper can accumulate on the vents and block them. Cleaning the vents will unblock them and let the air flow freely.

2. Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filters

You need to replace the air filters at least once every three months. If you live in an area where there’s a lot of dust, allergens and solid particulates, you may need to clean the filter or change it more frequently.

As the air filter ages, it traps enough particles to form a clog. Clogging obstructs the flow of air, but you can ensure that the air flows properly by cleaning or changing the air filter.

3. Fixing Any Leaks You Find

If there are leaks in your vents, our technicians use an electronic leak detector to find and fix them. Some leaks can be so small that they’re challenging to spot with traditional methods. Call a technician if you detect there is a leak in your HVAC system.

You can avoid airflow problems and other issues with regular HVAC maintenance. Call us at George’s Refrigeration & Heating today to schedule routine maintenance in Cave Springs, AR.

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