You have many competing priorities as you prepare for the winter in Rogers, AR. It’s easy to delay preventive tasks like fall HVAC maintenance in an effort to save a little money. Here are four benefits you’ll experience by investing in professional maintenance for your HVAC system this fall.

1. More Heating Consistency

Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home often increase your utility costs. Normal wear and airborne contaminants collecting in your system can contribute to these varying temps. Wear lowers your system efficiency, and contaminants restrict your system’s airflow.

During your fall maintenance, a technician cleans your system and checks each component involved in the heating cycle. This ensures your system can move air through the system evenly.

2. Better Air Quality

If you don’t have central air, your heat ducts sit unused for the duration of the summer. This means that there’s lots of time for dust to settle inside, waiting for the first air from the furnace to blow it into your living space. Maintenance technicians can look at your ducts to suggest a cleaning and change filters.

3. Fewer Surprise Repairs

The colder the weather, the longer your system must run to maintain a comfortable temperature. This added strain may lead to surprise breakdowns for systems already straining under poor maintenance. You can avoid many of these unplanned heating repairs by addressing small problems early.

Your technician will check your heating system to ensure it’s operating optimally. If they find something wrong with your system, they can repair it before it turns into a bigger issue.

4. Predictable Replacements

Most furnaces will effectively heat your home for 15 to 20 years with routine maintenance. When you make maintenance a priority, you can plan for your replacement during that five-year window. However, you might have to replace it much sooner if it experiences a catastrophic failure due to neglect.

Call to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance with one of our certified technicians today. We can let you know the condition of your furnace and keep it running all winter long.

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