You run your furnace in Avoca, AR, through the winter to stay warm and comfortable. You need to be aware of the dangerous sounds that can come from your system. Here are some signs that your furnace needs a repair to continue operating safely.

Clicking Sounds

If your furnace makes a clicking noise while running, you must shut it down immediately. That noise can indicate a serious problem in your furnace that puts you at risk. It can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home without you noticing.

Loud Ignition

We all know the whooshing sound of the burners igniting that is often preceded by the clicking of the sparker. When that sound gets louder, or the sparker seems to click for a longer time, then you have a dangerous situation. Your furnace is allowing too much gas to build up before igniting, which can result in a fiery explosion.

Squealing or Banging

Your furnace system uses a blower fan and motor to move the air through your home. The bearings in the blower can wear out, causing it to squeal or go off-balance, which then causes banging noises. Either of these noises is a sign that you need to get your system serviced.

Loud Humming

Your furnace should sound the same whether you are standing near it or in another room. If you can hear a humming noise when you are a couple of steps away from the unit, you have trouble ahead. The noise is a sign that a transformer will soon fail and prevent your furnace from running.

Call George’s Refrigeration & Heating to help you maintain good indoor air quality. We will also help you maintain and repair your system this winter, so you stay warm and safe. Our professional technicians have years of expertise in the HVAC industry.

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