With the summer heat in full swing, your air conditioning unit may be working overtime to be able to cool your Rogers, Arkansas, home. With the comfort of your home depending on your AC, it’s important to make sure your system is working properly and know when it may be time to replace your air conditioning unit. If you notice any of the four signs listed below, it may be time to consider a new AC installation.

Your Air Is No Longer Cool

If you notice that warm air is coming out of your vents, or the air is just not as cool as is it normally is, your system has become inefficient. When this occurs, your AC unit will need to work harder to cool a room causing the parts to wear faster.

You Repeatedly Call Your HVAC Specialist for Repairs

If you have been making repeated calls to your HVAC company for repairs and problems with your air conditioning unit, it could be a sign that the system is worn and in need of repairs. While standard maintenance is expected, your system should not stop working frequently.

Your Energy Bills Have Become Higher

Another sign of inefficiency with your AC unit is energy bills that are higher than normal. While normal fluctuations can be expected due to temperature increases, regularly higher bills mean that your system is taking longer to cool your home.

You Notice Moisture Around Your Unit

If you are finding pools of liquid by your AC unit or other moisture around the system, it could be a sign that your system has leaks. While these can be repaired, if the unit is old, leaks may begin occurring in other areas. This could mean continuing repairs for the unit.

Knowing when it is time to replace your AC unit will help you save the time and money associated with repeated repairs and inefficiencies. If you notice any of the signs above, contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating at (479) 636-1470 today.

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