With rising energy costs affecting residents across Arkansas, everyone’s looking for money-saving tips that are affordable and easy to implement. If you want to shrink your cooling bills, start by maintaining your AC system, but don’t overlook the little things that will make your whole house in Rogers, AR more efficient. Try these simple tasks to enjoy lower energy bills this cooling season.

1. Maintaining Your HVAC System

Maintenance goes a long way toward improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The most important tasks are replacing your AC filters, clearing vegetation away from the outdoor unit and having an air conditioning service perform seasonal tuneups.

2. Setting Your Thermostat for Savings

Recommended thermostat settings can cut your AC bills by 10 percent or more. If you normally set your thermostat to 72 degrees in the summer, raising it to 78 degrees could slash your energy costs by 18 percent.

3. Weatherizing Your House

Summer is a great time to weatherize your home. Tasks like caulking and sealing are much easier when performed during warm weather. These inexpensive projects could reduce your annual heating and cooling bills by 10 percent, according to the Department of Energy.

4. Using Fans

Ceiling fans and exhaust fans are your friends. Ceiling fans create a nice breeze that lets you turn back the thermostat by 3 or 4 degrees without affecting your comfort. Use exhaust fans to release excess humidity when cooking or cleaning.

5. Cooking Efficiently

Cooking generates a lot of heat and humidity. To prevent your AC system from working harder, use the grill or microwave to prepare baked potatoes, corn on the cob and other summertime favorites.

6. Blocking the Sun

Sunlight is another form of heat. In areas like Rogers, Arkansas, window coverings with reflective backings block out 33 percent of solar heat gains.

With these tips, you can downsize your cooling bills while enjoying a higher level of comfort. For more ways to lower your energy use, check out our air conditioning services, or call George’s Refrigeration & Heating at (479) 636-1470.

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