Living in Hiwasse, AR, during the summer can be unbearable if your air conditioner malfunctions. It’s important to be aware of the bad habits that can cause your AC unit to break down prematurely. Stop your air conditioner from operating inefficiently by avoiding these bad habits.

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

One of the most common bad habits that lead to inefficiency in your AC system is closing vents in unused rooms. You may think that you’re saving energy and money by doing this. However, this strains your AC system, which can lead to a breakdown.

Blocking Floor Ventilation Using Furniture

Another common bad habit that can cause your AC system to malfunction is blocking floor vents with furniture. This doesn’t allow proper airflow and can overwork your air conditioner.

Keeping the Temperature Too Low

You may think that keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature saves you money on your energy bill. However, this can cause your AC system to overwork itself and break down.

Skimping on AC Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid an inefficient AC system is by scheduling regular maintenance check-ups. This allows for service technicians to catch any potential issues and fix them before they cause a major problem. Also, be sure to change your air filter regularly.

Installing an Incorrectly Sized AC System

One of the most common mistakes made when installing an AC unit involves not performing the right calculations to size it correctly. This can lead to an inefficient AC system that doesn’t properly cool your home. Be sure to hire a professional to help you select the right-size air conditioner for your home.

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