Spring is just around the corner in Rogers, Arkansas, and many homeowners are preparing their homes by tackling cleaning tasks and clearing out the winter grime. The warmer weather also means you’ll be switching from your furnace to your air conditioning system. Make sure to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance service before the temperature gets too high.

Test the Cooling System

One of the most important tasks a service technician will handle during a routine maintenance service is testing the cooling system before the weather gets too warm. Waiting to find out that your AC isn’t working properly isn’t a fun experience, especially in an area with warm weather and high humidity levels throughout the late spring and summer months.

As part of the testing process, your technician will also check the refrigerant levels to make sure your system can keep up with the upcoming cooling needs. If anything isn’t working properly, your technician can repair it right away.

Check All Components

Another part of an air conditioning tune-up is checking the components within the system. If a belt has slipped out of place or a hose has cracked, you may not know it until you notice your bills start to rise or a lack of cool air coming through your vents. When the parts in an AC system are all functioning properly, the efficiency levels are higher and the risk of damage is lower. You can extend the life span of your air conditioner by keeping up with regular maintenance, so it’s certainly worthwhile.

Keep the Air Flowing Efficiently

Efficiency is another concern that can impact the life span of your system. When it’s not running efficiently, the air conditioner may experience more breakdowns. This results in expensive repairs and time spent in an uncomfortably warm home.

Protect your HVAC investment by keeping up with regular AC maintenance. Call George’s Refrigeration & Heating today at (479) 636-1470.

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