Managing indoor humidity levels is important for maintaining a comfortable living environment in your Rogers, Arkansas, home. It’s important to track your home’s humidity levels and take steps to adjust them as necessary to achieve maximum comfort.

Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels

Aim to keep your indoor humidity levels between 30 percent and 50 percent for optimum comfort. Air with too much humidity feels muggy and can trigger respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. Furthermore, high humidity levels can damage your home by creating condensation on your walls, eventually leading to structural damage. Low humidity levels can cause itchy dry skin, trigger asthma symptoms, and aggravate allergies.

How to Gauge a Home’s Humidity Levels

The easiest way to gauge your home’s humidity levels is to measure them with a hygrometer. You can find these inexpensive devices at hardware stores. Most smart thermostats track your home’s humidity levels as well.

How to Decrease Humidity Levels

Decreasing your home’s humidity levels is relatively easy to do, but the method you choose depends on the severity of your problem.

  • Run your air conditioner. Your air conditioner naturally dehumidifies your home by removing warm humid air and introducing cooler air.
  • Take advantage of your exhaust fans. Turning on your exhaust fans when you take a hot shower or cook over a hot stove will help lower your home’s humidity levels.
  • Use a dehumidifier. The quickest way to decrease your humidity levels is to use a dehumidifier. You can purchase portable dehumidifiers to use in individual rooms or have a whole-home dehumidifier installed.

How to Increase Humidity Levels

The easiest and most efficient way to increase your home’s humidity levels is to use a humidifier. Portable humidifiers work well for small-scale issues, while whole-home humidifiers are a good solution for more significant humidity problems. They work by distributing water vapor throughout your home through your duct system.

If you need help managing your home’s humidity levels, give George’s Refrigeration & Heating a call today.

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