Indoor air quality affects your mood, health and productivity. As a result, it’s essential to adopt methods and appliances that keep your indoor air clean. Here the benefits of improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in Rogers, AR:

Removal of Pollutants

Pollutants such as pet dander, dust, debris, pollen and volatile organic compounds circulate in your indoor air. These pollutants interfere with indoor air quality and pose a health risk to you and your family.

You may experience respiratory problems such as sneezing, congestion and irritable throat when you inhale these contaminants. If you experience such issues in your home, consider investing in an indoor air quality solution such as an air purifier.

Elimination of Bad Odor

Household cleaners release chemicals in the air as you use them. These chemicals cause a foul odor to linger in your home.

These smells may be irritating and distracting, especially when you work from home. Eliminating these odors allows you to enjoy the fresh air and minimize distractions.

You can use a ventilator to get rid of unwanted smells. This device replaces the foul indoor air in your living space with fresh air from outside. The device filters the outdoor air before it enters your home to ensure the air does not introduce new pollutants.

Better Quality of Sleep

Good quality sleep helps improve your mood and productivity. It also helps improve the brain’s alertness.

Indoor pollutants deny you the chance to enjoy deep sleep by causing nasal congestion and irritations in your throat. Eliminating the contaminants allow you to sleep better and improve your mood and alertness.

Fewer HVAC Breakdowns

Your HVAC filter traps contaminants from your indoor air before the air enters your HVAC system. The pollutants will clog the filter with time, reducing the HVAC system’s ability to draw air through the filter.

The reduced airflow increases stress on your system’s parts, causing them to break down often. As a result, your repair costs will shoot up. With low levels of indoor pollutants, your air filter will clog less often, reducing the stress on your system.

Contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating for quality indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. Our professional service technicians will recommend the best approach you can adopt to clean the air after assessing your home.

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