Proper programming of your thermostat will not only maintain the comfort of your Rogers, Arkansas, home, but it can also save you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills. By following a few simple thermostat programming tips, you can save a significant amount of energy use throughout the year.

Make a Plan

Don’t just throw temperatures into your program. Take the time to determine when people will be out of the house during the day, what times of day it is the hottest or coldest, and what temperatures you need to be able to sleep comfortably. Once you have determined your heating and cooling temperature schedule, program each day of the week.

Start with a Greater Temperature Variance

When programming your thermostats, consider setting the temperature 4 to 6 degrees higher than what you believe will be a comfortable temperature. A programmable thermostat can maintain the temperature in your home, and this variance may still be comfortable once the program has been running for a while.

Create a Program for Vacations

Most programmable thermostats will let you set a program specific for vacation mode. Decide on the adjustment you will want in your home when you are gone for a length of time, and set the program when you are creating your weekly one. This way, you will simply have to switch it to vacation mode anytime you plan to leave.

Don’t Go Off Program to Get Faster Results

Make sure you set your program so that it is one that you can easily stick to. Avoid going off the program and cranking the temperature higher or lower in an attempt to change the temperature quickly. All this will do is cause your system to become overworked and expend a lot of energy in the process, and the results achieved will hardly be noticeable.

Follow the tips above to use your programmable thermostats to save on your energy usage all year long. If you want more information on which thermostats will work best for your home, contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating at (479) 636-1470.

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