Even with seasonal maintenance, it’s typical for internal air conditioner components to demand repairs. Fortunately, a faulty blower motor will signal that it requires a repair. Read on to familiarize yourself with the tell-tale signs of a faulty AC blower motor in Rogers, AR.

Unusual Sounds

Today’s AC systems are less noisy as some incorporate sound-dampening technology. And even if your air conditioner is slightly noisy, you’re already familiar with the sound that comes from your system. Misalignment, damaged bearings or other issues with your blower could lead to your AC system making strange sounds.

The sounds may include clanking, screeching, rattling or a squealing noise. When left unattended, you might have to get a replacement. Therefore, if you notice any of the above sounds from your system, shut it off and reach out to a service technician.

Insufficient Airflow

This is among the first hints that your AC system’s blower motor is faulty. Due to issues such as dust buildup or a bad capacitor, it’s unable to efficiently force air through the ducts.

Although you might have to replace it in some cases, simple repairs will do at other times. The best way to determine the best fix is by seeking the advice of an expert.

Increasing Energy Bills

A failing AC blower motor will force your system to consume more energy. That’s because it works harder than it should to guarantee the proper circulation of air in your household.

A malfunctioning AC system during the spring and summer months is a homeowner’s worst nightmare in Rogers, AR. As such, it’s vital that you get your system’s repairs done by qualified professional. Contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating for all your AC repair needs. We’re here to restore your system’s efficacy and comfort for the lowest price possible.

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