Summers in Rogers, Arkansas, can be brutal with the heat and humidity. If your home has a bonus room, garage, or attic that could use some extra help with cooling, you might consider the benefits of adding a ductless system to help cool your space.


A whole-house HVAC system is complex and forces heated or cooled air through a series of ducts to different zones in your home. Sometimes you might wish certain areas were a little cooler. A ductless system works with an indoor unit that blows conditioned air directly into the desired space and with a unit outside that contains the condenser and the fan. So a single room can be any temperature you want without affecting the entire house’s HVAC operation.

Near Silent Operation

As conditioned air moves through a house’s traditional duct system, fans make noise, the movement of the air makes noise, and the filters on the air returns can make noise, too. Systems cycle on and off to keep the temperature constant as set by the thermostat. The indoor unit of a ductless system is virtually silent, so they’re ideal for places where mechanical noises are distracting or make it difficult to sleep or concentrate. The part of a ductless system that makes noise is outside, so you likely won’t hear it running.


Traditional HVAC systems, especially older units, don’t always run as efficiently as they should. As the cost of energy rises, you can see the amount of your monthly bill go up if your system is not up to par. Ductless systems use less electricity to operate and because they deliver the conditioned air directly to the space in which they’re installed, you don’t lose energy moving air through the ducts.

If you’re seeking quieter and more efficient heating or cooling to a specific space, a ductless system might be for you. Contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating today at (479) 636-1470 for a professional consultation about the benefits of a ductless system.

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