Unpleasant odors are typical signs of an air conditioner that’s on the fritz. In many cases, the bad smells indicate poor servicing and inadequate repairs. If your Rogers, AR, home air conditioner emits bad or unusual odors, here are three likely causes.

Dirty or Clogged Ductwork

The responsibility of your home’s ductwork system is to transport air in and out. If the air flowing into your home contains debris and dirt, this will collect and accumulate in the ductwork. High humidity levels in your home can cause a similar problem; this may trigger dampness in your ductwork, causing bacterial growth.

Over time, accumulated dust and bacterial growth will create musty or dusty odors. These smells aren’t only unpleasant, but they can also be bad for your health. A professional AC repair technician can clean the ductwork and remove the clogging to eliminate the bad odors.

System Is Too Big or Small

Improper air conditioner sizing leads to reduced performance. If the AC is too large, it will turn off frequently and unexpectedly. Therefore, the air in your home won’t get properly dehumidified, which causes bacterial growth and awful smells.

An undersized AC will work too hard, which means it’s likely to overheat or develop other mechanical issues. After days of using an undersized AC, you may realize that it smells like something is burning inside it. The solution is to have a qualified HVAC technician determine the proper size AC for your home.

Improper Ventilation

Your AIR conditioner has to receive adequate air from the venting system to distribute in your home. If your home suffers from poor ventilation, you will deal with foul smells. Professionals check air conditioners to determine underlying issues and offer suggestions on how to size up air vents to minimize such odors.

Are you getting putrid smells from your air conditioner? Contact the AC installation and servicing team at George’s Refrigeration & Heating. We can service your HVAC and get rid of those odors.

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