Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems that range from minor headaches to life-threatening respiratory diseases. Most Rogers, Arkansas, homes contain a mixture of contaminants. Here are a few ways you can remove toxic air and improve your indoor air quality.

Four Types of Ventilators Can Help Filter Air

The first two ventilator types, exhaust and supply ventilator systems, remove stale air and reduce odors. They’re inexpensive, but neither system can sufficiently dry humid air. Supply ventilator systems offer better control, but they increase utility costs.

The last two ventilator types, balanced systems and energy recovery systems, work well in any climate and greatly improve the indoor air quality. They’re both expensive, though. The energy recovery system, however, is easier on electricity.

Using UV Lamps Can Kill Bacteria

Your home would benefit from having UV lamps installed inside your HVAC system. These lamps kill biological growth and bacteria. They also remove odors, germs, and volatile organic compounds.

These work by using UV light to inactivate indoor pathogens. It works to purify the air. There are different types of UV light depending on the function, such as special ones for reducing pollen, dust, or pet dander.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Create Less Humidity

Unlike small, portable dehumidifiers, whole-home dehumidifiers are integrated into the home’s central HVAC system, effectively removing moisture and contaminants throughout the home’s air through the filtration of particulate matter. They are especially beneficial to humid areas of the country.Humid air is pulled into the ducts and cooled, condensing the water into droplets. It then drains, passing over the coils to meet the temperature you desire.

Using Air Purifiers to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers trap can trap up to 99% of airborne pollutants. Using an air purifier allows air to move through while contaminants are caught inside, releasing clean air into the home’s environment. A portable air purifier only works in one room, which is why whole-house air cleaners are more effective at reducing allergens in the air.

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