Homeowners in Rogers, AR, require an effective heating system during chilly months. Your furnace or heat pump will keep you warm and comfortable as long as you care for it properly. Read on to learn about what heating maintenance entails.

Cleaning and Changing Air Filters

Air filters are essential because they remove pollutants such as dust, dirt and debris from your home’s air. A technician will clean them to remove clogs such as debris and particles that block the airflow. If the filters are not in good shape, they will need to be replaced.

The heating system will become more energy-efficient, and you will notice a reduction in your utility bills. Most importantly, you will inhale clean and fresh air.

Testing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A technician will test carbon monoxide detectors to see whether they’re working correctly. This is a mandatory procedure so that the system can alert you when there’s a gas leak. You and your family will be safe from carbon monoxide, a toxic gas.

Checking Vents and Registers

A technician will check the registers and vents to make sure nothing is blocking them. Some of the items that can hinder their performance are furniture or carpets that obstruct the airflow. The technician will remove anything that’s in the way, so the heating system won’t overheat or supply poor airflow.

Inspecting the Outdoor Unit

Another essential component in your heating system that we will inspect is the outdoor unit. We will check for any blockage since the unit is prone to clogs from debris and other particles. Ice storms and heavy snow can affect the machine, restricting airflow.

Checking Electrical Wiring

The heating system needs proper wiring to function and provide your household with the utmost safety. A certified technician will inspect the electrical wiring in detail to resolve any issues. If there are loose or bare wires, he or she will fix them so that the unit can meet your heating needs.

Now’s the time to get your heating system in Rogers, AR, ready for the cold weather ahead. Contact George‚Äôs Refrigeration & Heating for comprehensive maintenance.

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