A burning smell and frequent on-and-off cycles of your furnace indicate it’s overheating. This built-in safety measure is responsible for turning off your furnace when overheating occurs. Here are possible reasons behind furnace overheating issues in your Rogers, AR, home:

Obstructed Airflow

The air filter is the biggest culprit of poor air circulation in your furnace. Typically, filters become dirty from lint, dust, dander and other pollutants. Consequently, clogged filters hinder proper airflow, making the furnace overwork and hotter.

We recommend that you change your filters as often as possible. It would be best if you did this monthly to maintain good airflow and improve indoor air quality.


Your furnace begins to overheat when it periodically turns on and off before completing the entire heating cycle. Generally, thermostat problems, restricted airflow and oversized furnaces are the leading causes of short-cycling.

Getting quick professional help can help resolve short cycling issues and prevent furnace breakdowns or failures. Our service technician will pinpoint the root cause of the problem and give the best recommendations to fix this issue.

Mechanical Failure

There are a couple of factors that could be causing mechanical failures in your furnace. The problem could arise from loose wiring, a damaged blower fan motor or excessive strain on the system. Mechanical issues can lead to overheating and eventual HVAC system failures.

It’s easier if you can determine the exact part facing problems with technical assistance. However, you can prevent mechanical failures by scheduling routine maintenance checks. Our team will fix minor issues during the inspection before they become too serious.

Old Age

Like every machine, furnaces are subject to degradation with age. Old units often lack security features that are part of modern equipment and that alert you when an issue occurs.

Overheating is a problematic issue that can lead to HVAC failures and expensive repairs. Contact George’s Refrigeration & Heating for all your furnace installations, repairs and replacements in Rogers, AR.

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