It’s a sizzling summer day in Rogers, Arkansas, when your air conditioner starts making an unusual humming noise. Should you be concerned? By reviewing these warning signs, you can detect problems before they require a visit from your air conditioning repair service.

Your Guide to Air Conditioner Noises

  • Whistling is one of the more annoying sounds that your air conditioner can make. It’s generally linked to clogged filters, closed vents or cracked ducts.
  • Clicking typically occurs when the unit is trying to start. Problems with circuit breakers or relays may prevent your air conditioner from receiving the signal.
  • Gurgling is one of the most common AC noises that homeowners report. Luckily, there’s no reason to worry because it’s only refrigerant moving through the coils.
  • Dripping sounds sometimes emanate from the condensate pan. To avoid possible water damage, make sure that moisture is flowing freely from the drainpipe.
  • Rattling is a sign that a bolt or moving part needs to be tightened. It could be an unsecured housing panel or a loose fan blade that’s producing excessive vibrations.
  • Electrical malfunctions and faulty capacitors cause variable revving noises as the system gains and lose voltage.
  • Rhythmic clanking occurs due to damaged fan blades or foreign objects. If the problem persists, have the system serviced.
  • High-pitched shrieking typically originates from belts that need adjusting. Similar noises could be a sign of motor troubles that will require an AC repair or replacement.
  • Grinding, howling or humming may come from the compressor, motor or bearings. Noises could be a sign that moving parts need lubrication or that the motor has seized.

AC Repairs and Diagnostics

As you can see, odd noises could be perfectly normal, but they might also indicate minor mechanical problems or worse. To avoid damage, have an air conditioning repair service technician inspect the system promptly. If your AC system is making strange noises, give George’s Refrigeration & Heating a call at (479) 636-1470, or learn more about our AC repair services online.

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