Indoor Air Quality Products and Services for Rogers, AR and Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re at home or at work, today’s tightly sealed structures make it easier to stay comfortable in any weather. Unfortunately, they also tend to trap air pollutants indoors. In fact, the air inside most homes is often more contaminated than the air outside. When it comes to improving the health and safety of the air you breathe, George’s Refrigeration & Heating offers solutions. Our indoor air quality products and services help safeguard you against the harmful effects of air pollution.

Indoor Air Quality - Dust

What’s in the Air?

From biological contaminants like bacteria and mildew to chemicals emitted from household cleaners, the average home contains a toxic mix of pollutants. Allergens from pollen to dust mites are present in most homes too.

The most dangerous contaminants are tiny particulates that include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause serious health problems. Poor air quality is a major contributor to the development of respiratory diseases. Even in otherwise healthy people, indoor pollutions can cause flu-like symptoms ranging from nasal congestion to headaches and fatigue.

HVAC Solutions

At George’s Refrigeration & Heating, our technicians are experts in everything that pertains to your indoor comfort. We offer a wide array of products engineered to clean, filter and balance humidity levels in the air you breathe. Some are stand-alone systems. Others work in tandem with your existing heating and cooling equipment. Our knowledgeable service technicians are readily available to help guide you toward the solution that best meets your needs:

  • Air Purifiers. Air cleaners and purifiers are typically installed within HVAC ductwork to trap contaminants as air moves through the system. Some of the most effective models use an electrical charge that kills or inactivates harmful pathogens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Humidity Control. Too much humidity in the air creates an environment where allergens like dust mites can thrive. Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers help keep humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent, the range deemed best for human health.
  • Ventilators. Ventilators that work with your HVAC systems use energy captured in the outgoing air to introduce fresh air into your indoor environment. These devices allow your heating and cooling to run efficiently while reducing indoor air pollution.

George’s Refrigeration & Heating is dedicated to keeping our customers comfortable, safe and healthy with solutions that improve the quality of your life. To learn more about how to keep the air you breathe free of pollutants, contact our air quality specialists today. Our service areas include Bella Vista, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Centerton, Rogers, Springdale, AR and the surrounding area.

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